What strategies are used for Social Media Marketing?

Know your audience! I think this one short sentence already represents everything you need when marketing through social media. Think of social media as a miniature world, there are many types of people that you can meet. There's no way you can market the product well if you do it randomly, without knowing whether the audience needs it or not. So it is very important to create content that truly suits your audience, plus is relevant to current trends.

Usually, these steps can always help me recognize my target audience on social media while creating appropriate content:

Do a simple survey. It is important to know the age range and also the work of the followers, which will be very closely related to your marketing strategy.

  • Learn the behavior of your followers. Followers with ages 17 years to 20 years, usually prefer viral content. While followers from 20 to 30 years, like informative things. Followers of different ages have different behaviors. Being able to understand what their wants and needs will be very helpful in marketing on social media.
  • Cooperation with the right people. Talking about social media is certainly closely related to today's influencers. But that does not mean you can choose just anyone to help the promotion process, make sure the image you have is in accordance with your brand value.
  • Take advantage of marketing advocacy. There are ways that content can be shared with hundreds or even thousands of people in a short time, namely through brand advocates. Make sure your brand can capture many active brand advocates.

Learn about your potential customers
You must learn everything about your prospects. Starting from the age, gender, occupation, residence, marital status, etc. that concerns about your business.

Choose the most appropriate marketing method
If marketing on social media, there are 2 ways you can do that is organically and advertising. Both organic and advertising have advantages and disadvantages of each. But the process is almost the same as I wrote below.

Reach your potential customers
You can reach it by adding him as a friend or by advertising. First of all, do not be too aggressive by directly installing sales status. Build their trust in you. Build trust that you can be trusted. Educate them about the products you have in a cool way in their opinion.

When it's big enough, do soft-selling
With the trust you already have, at least 10% of your potential customers have already purchased your product. Increase it by continuing to educate them.

For the post format there are 2 things I can share, namely:

  • Use a media

You can use "unique and quality" pictures or videos to explain a product. If you can use media with a high level of resolution.

  • Make an interesting ad copy

Don't just rely on the media. You must be able to lead the reader with words to do the action you want. Either contact you via telephone, click the buy button, or click the link listed.

Of all these things, you are the key to success. You have to be on time. When is the time to offer goods, when is the time to educate, and when is the time to joke.

Remember social media is built with the aim of being able to connect people who are far apart, rarely meet, or just joking around in a large community. Not for sale. So, be human there.

And one thing that is no less important, never stop exploring! The trend is always changing and you also have to readily adjust.

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