7 marketing psychology tricks that you can apply to increase sales.

There is such a thing as the term marketing psychology.

Understanding of the motives that influence emotions and market actions in viewing a product or service offered by business people.

Well. I will share 7 marketing psychology tricks that you can apply to increase sales.

1 Additional price options.

For example, Magazines sold offers three offers: an online subscription for $ 8, a print subscription for $ 20 and a print and online subscription for $ 17.

When sellers offer customers with three choices, most students choose an online print combo, because it feels like the best deal. But when sellers issue only print choices, most students choose the cheaper and online ones.

2. Illusion of Scarcity (Scarcity Principle).

We tend to appreciate things more when they are rare or will become rare. Then the price will automatically rise. Vice versa, when a product floods the market too, then the price will go down.

The 'limited stock' tactic or 'only 2 left in stock' can encourage potential buyers to make a purchase decision as soon as possible.

Sometimes also still given the frill words "Hurry", "Hurry!"

Believe it or not, words like this will greatly affect the psychological consumer. Consumers will judge that something that has a limited amount will be of high value.

3. Illusion of Discounts.

Believe it or not, consumers will be more attracted to the price of $ 50 with a 50% discount compared to the pegged price of $ 25. In fact, the two prices are the same. But for consumers, the price of $ 50 50% discount will feel cheaper than the original price of $ 25.

In fact, there are still many people who still feel attracted to this kind of pricing model, even though they already know it. Sometimes they are still provoked by the discount. It is undeniable that our minds will be easily hypnotized with discounts.

4. Playing colors

The role of color is very influential on psychological consumers. Usually bright and bright colors are very strong in attracting the attention of potential customers, especially the color of the product is very prominent than the color of the surrounding products.

5. The Illusion of Fear Behind the Trend Behind.

The word "New!" contained in some product items. Which means they are notifying that there is a new product they are launching.

They use this article not only to provide information but also to give illusions to their customers so they don't miss their latest trending products. And this certainly will provide a very strong psychological effect for consumers because of various trends that quickly turn to other trends. Or in other words the public prefers new ones.

6. Anecdotal power

For some people, this trick is powerful enough to influence the mindset of consumers. An interesting way to tell stories will make consumers feel sympathy for the products they offer. Moreover, what they say can provide solutions to consumer needs, will certainly sell well.

7. Use Product Feeds for Free.

Have you ever had a product for free so you feel addicted to buying the product? Well, in that condition the psychological consumer has been influenced. That's why the company offers a free trial, so customers want to continue subscribing after the trial period is over.

There are some people who get confused when they get a product that is distributed for free. Well, supposing they give you the opportunity to taste their products for free. The purpose of giving free products is to influence the psychological of consumers.

That's 7 psychological tricks to increase sales of your business. Not the only way, but effective to do. Basically, psychology can help you and the sales team to be closer and persuasive to potential clients let alone executed, monitored and evaluated properly, so increasing sales figures is something that is very likely to happen

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