5 Secrets tips to be Approved by Google Adsense

Google adsense is a service product from Google that is useful as an advertising medium. Google adsense users are divided into 2 namely ad publishers and advertisers. Ad publishers are useful as media promotion of a product, while advertisers aim to market their products by way of paying. The advantage to be gained from ad publishers is to get paid according to the ad serving on your site.
The distribution of fees on Google Adsense is not hosted divided by Google, while ad publishers get 61% of revenue, while satisfied for Google. The host account itself is divided into two, host and non-host, while the host account is your own account as an advertising medium, such as a blog. While the account is not hosted, that is Google's ownership, for example YouTube.

Thanks to Google Adsense it's not just views, take time and others, for more details, read Google Adsense.

Now many people who want to register on google adsense as a hosted account. But to register google adsense, it's easy, it takes hard work to become a hosted account. Hosted accounts are obtained through blogs. Blogs that must be created must meet the requirements provided by Google to ensure that a blog is worthy as an ad serving medium.

Tips for Approved Google Adsense
1. Determine the theme of the blog consistently

The more niche or theme a blog is with visits, the better your theme is, the more your blog ends. Choose a blog theme for your favorite fields, for example you have the ability to draw, make your blog theme approval about drawing. For example this blog, the blog that you are reading about information technology.

2. Choose a good and lightweight template

Choosing a blog template is considered important, lightweight template is very comfortable to use by visitors. As more comfortable visitors on your blog, your blog speed is very fast and lightweight. The influence of blog speed consists of several factors, one of which is the use of images. To make the template lighter i.e. never make inline on CSS.

3. Install clear navigation

Installation of clear navigation is very approved, because the grouping of content is important for the reader. On the other hand a clear navigation arrangement can make it easier for the google search engine to find your site. Usually navigation has superior categories, make your navigation according to the content available to feature

4. Create interesting content

Content creation becomes a big variation received on adsense. Content is king, your blog compilation has interesting content to read so visitors become abundant. Not only interesting content, but the number of words received in adsense is more than 500 words. For created content that cannot be copied from other blogs, allow original / original content.

5. Have a clear blog content

Blogs must have several identity menu features as regarding, terms of service, privacy policy and sitemap. Important identity as recording on google.

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