3 Secrets of Healthcare Marketing You Didn't Know

Marketing a healthcare business is difficult! The healthcare industry is a unique field because if you have to deal with the very sensitive nature of the treatment of your patients, which often scares you, makes you vulnerable or confuses you, you also work in a very scientific and avant-garde industry. where treatments, tools and systems are constantly evolving. Today, healthcare providers are rarely caught up with new healthcare marketing strategies and sales processes, or respond to technological advances.

The health marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade with the increase of technological tools, social media and digital devices. A recent Socialnomics article quotes Tricia Wilkerson, senior marketing specialist at Conifer Health Solutions, on the state of B2B marketing in the healthcare industry: "The healthcare industry is notoriously behind other industries when it 'is about responding to technological advancements and public expectations, so it's still important that marketers push the industry to embrace smart trends. "

Here are some important statistics to consider when you start planning your marketing strategy:

  • In 2016, there were more than 326 million people in the United States. Each of them has their own personality and each of them is a potential patient.
  • 52% of smartphone users collect health-related data from a smartphone.
  • 91% of adults have their smartphone at hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • According to recent Facebook data, the number one most requested referral is a doctor or health care provider.
  • There are 8.2 billion views of health-related videos on YouTube.

As in many areas of B2B, long sales cycles can mean that change is taking place slowly in the marketing strategy. To make it easier for you, here are some essential truths that we have discovered about health marketing. Here are the three secrets of healthcare marketing and how they can rejuvenate your business:

1. Research and definition of your ideal client

When you are trying to reach a particular audience, your success depends on the depth with which you can guide them. By focusing on a certain segment of the market to generate and attract potential customers, you will not only be able to refine your marketing, but also ensure that the association of customers that you will get from your sales and marketing operations will have a better rate. of success.

How to reach your target audience in the healthcare industry?

If you are looking to improve your marketing in the healthcare sector, you may have realized that not all messages will be suitable for all audiences. Partnering with a marketing professional with healthcare experience is usually a sensible strategy. Before you do anything else, you need to consider your audience:

  • Who are you creating this report for?
  • What do they want to know?
  • What will they do with the information?

For any organization and practice of medical care of all kinds (hospitals, manufacturers, doctors and surgeons, dentists, pharmacists or groups), the more precise the defined target audience, the greater their capacity to elicit a positive response.

Once you have identified your target audiences, it is useful to gather some information about them. This information can help you determine the information needs of your audience, how you can communicate more effectively with them, and where and how you can contact them.

2. Create valuable content

How do healthcare marketers develop and promote relevant content? First, they must understand the needs of clients by developing knowledge through primary studies, union sources and behavioral analysis. Then they need to create content that meets their needs, such as videos, blogs, articles and that supports the brand's goals. Finally, they need to promote content in the media where customers interact and share.

According to a new report, 85% of B2B health marketers have a content marketing strategy, but only 4% of them find their programs to be extremely effective.

For a health marketer who focuses on a range of pediatric services, creating useful content could mean writing an educational article on the merits and concerns of pediatric psychology. When they plan to increase content production when the vast majority do not believe their content marketing efforts are very effective, B2B marketers are potentially prepared for failure.

Content marketing promotes a long-term relationship with customers, which is essential in the medical industry.

3 tips to grow your healthcare business with content marketing:

  1. Know what your customers want to learn
  2. Being a leader in the healthcare industry
  3. Capitalize on current events

The following tips will help you gain the know-how to produce better content for your readers. Content marketing is a great way to position your healthcare business as an opinion leader and to generate new prospects and customers for your business. Be creative and offer information that gives real insight to your customers.

Target ideal buyers with content

Creating and sharing successful health marketing content depends on your audience: who you are talking to and what you are trying to say. To get the most out of your health services, you must first define the group of people for whom you are creating your content and what they will find useful. Content marketing involves creating and sharing quality content designed specifically to attract your target customers. If you're not sure how to start your content marketing strategy, we can help! Here's how to target your buyer's personality through content marketing.

  • Define and develop personalities of buyers
  • Consider the purchasing team
  • Content mapping for the buyer's trip

The beauty of the specific content is that it was created with a specific group in mind to appreciate and learn from how they prefer to consume the content. Without a custom content marketing initiative, you run the risk of letting your competitors influence buyers by talking about their needs and addressing uncertainties through specific content, which increases consideration of purchases as in-process. road.

This is especially true for B2B marketers in the healthcare field, many of whom face more complicated and longer sales cycles, which makes creating consistent and compelling content all the more problematic. With this in mind, B2B marketers in other industries have a lot to learn from the world of health marketing. Make sure you always involve a specific target audience through different channels and stay relevant.

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