3 The best ping sites want faster indexing

Ping is one of the terms in the scope of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Pinging is carried out on a website or blog with the aim of quickly being indexed to the main google search engine. A blog / website consists of different permalinks. There are 2 types of URLs in a blog namely the main domain and sub domain.
how to ping blogspot blog articles to the yahoo blog search engine automatically

Each link / URL must have additional permalinks with different pages, such as permalinks for certain articles. By pinging the blog / site, the existing content is quickly indexed by search engines. Not only URLs that can be indexed by search engines, but media files such as images can be indexed by search engines, especially Google. On the other hand on the Google webmaster page ie taking it as Google, this is the goal for Google's approval of the URL that was created at. But the ping adds URLs to sites that are scraped by the ping site. Google ping site 2018.
The advantage of pinging sites / blogs

1. Faster to index than search engines, like Google and Bing.
2. Receive many blog visitors who have submitted.
3. Submitting articles of newly created content with permalink.
4. If you are lucky, you will get more backlinks (Links to our site).

3 The best ping sites for faster indexing

1. Pingler.com
A service that provides ping facilities with quite a large number of service sites and has a clear grouping. Pingler also has a plugin that can be installed on a web browser and WordPress. To ping using the pingler site by entering the column title, URL and category. Report the results of the ping process to the site that can be transferred via email. Ping the compilation the first time the domain is formed and compile any combination of article content.

2. Pingomatic.com
The second ping site service is "pingomatic", where this site can make updates to our website / blog, because it is a service provided containing our RSS permalink, already known as RSS that contains a page that is updated every time it is updating the blog content. By using Pingomatic you will open the page you want to spread to which page, you can also choose the page that you do not want. To ping the fill in the available fields.

3. Mypagerank.net/service_pingservice_index
Ping site service, which is mypagerank.net, this page can ping more than 20 famous and priority sites. Please fill in the title and address fields for your site. In addition you can also choose which sites your blog to ping the site provided.

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